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Hi Strawberry

I am so sorry for what you are going through. I don't want to be rude but if you have money to go to the doc for cramps you can make an appointment to go see a doc regarding addiction. I had surgery today and they prescribed me darvacet because I have such a high tollerance to vicodin. Yes, I told the Dr. my problem with vicodin. I do have vicodin also from the past and just hanging on to it but it takes me at least 4 pills to rid of my pain so I am not taking them because of the constipation from them I would be in big trouble with having the gall bladder removed today. 1 lortab equals 2 vicodin and it will only get worse. Yes, you will go through w/d but it is worth it in the long run or you will be in my situation like me that I NEED something for pain and can't get the pain under control because of my tollerance level. Try to go to a meeting instead of popping a pill. I also have the serenity prayer hanging all over my house and just keep reading it over and over again. Take it second by second not hour by hour. If you can make it 1 second then go for another second. It had helped me with my addiction. Also, write down on paper (just like a journal) on what you feel. Instead of taking that pill just write, say the prayer, go to a meeting, you can ask for a sponsor at your first meeting. I know it is hard to do but it does work and they are there for you 24/7. You can even call and talk with someone tonight through a crisis hotline and be annonymous.:):) I argued this point for a long time untill I figured out there are people out there that care and are more then willing to help. It helps them just as much as it will help you. Remember, when you really really need them they aren't going to work and your high tollerance level will never go away. When your addiction ends and like me have to take 4 pills to get relief six years later it takes me still 4 pills even though I haven't taken any in 6 years. It is just a battle. I am so so sorry you are going through this and I feel your pain. I wish I was there to give you a hug and help you through this. You can do it you are stronger than those pills. And you are worth it. They are just pills and you are a beautiful person and keep saying that to yourself in a mirror. Before I started rehab I had to look into the mirror and say to myself I need help and I can't even care for my children. Then I dropped my children off at my mothers and went to get help. YOU CAN DO IT!!! Hang in there!!! My prayers and loving wishes are with you. Susan