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I tried Chiropractor as an option for disc disease-no disc left between two vertebrae-extensive pain in right leg(sciatica)-he looked at my x-rays and said he would do two adjustments and if there was no improvement he would send me right back to my Orthopedic Specialist. He was honest and careful-it didn't worked and I ended up with a successful fusiov. The recovery was really great-only two years later I have enough scar tissue that its pressing the nerve root again. This isn't the doctor's fault. ITs how my body heals.
Disc disease means that they are going to degenerate-period. I was taking 8-10 vicodin daily. The Ortho and Physiatrist both recommended the fusion. They said I would get my LIfe back and I did. I am 80% of what I was. I will take that considering the size of the surgery I had. I am still active-work full time, garden, clean my own house, etc...A pretty normal life. I still take some meds for the nerve pain but I am better able to live my life!
Praying for you!
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