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Last request for help

I have posted here so many times over the years it’s ridiculous. I am reaching out one last time for help because I can not get any from my doctors. I suffer from some very interesting symptoms on a daily basis and I have gotten nowhere fast with doctors. The symptoms are odd and difficult to describe. When I tell people what I suffer from, I don’t feel like anyone takes me seriously. If they could live one day in my shoes, they would know just how serious I take this.

Have you ever taken a vicodin or other strong opiate/opiod based pain killer? You know that groggy, drunk, out of it feeling that you get from them? I live with that feeling day in and day out. It started suddenly about 2 years ago and seemed to resolve on it’s own for a while, coming and going at random times. Now about 2 months ago, it has started again and it is almost constant. It is really tormenting and emotionally draining to live like this and have nothing that helps to relieve the symptoms.

I have seen my regular doctor and he takes no interest in the subject. And this is after just changing from another doctor who also didn’t really seem to want to investigate.

I saw a neurologist yesterday, hoping that he could offer some help and he treated me like I was wasting his time. Is my description of my symptoms really that ridiculous? I know it sounds odd, but it really is like a cross between being doped up from pills and being intoxicated from alcohol. If I had to actually list the symptoms, it would look like this:

CNS Symptoms:
Cognitive Dysfunction
Loss of balance and hand coordination
Concentration Problems

I also have other physical symptoms that recently started such as:
Frequent and relentless muscle twitching
Muscle weakness, especially in the hands
Chronic Fatigue

I am self employed and can barely work now. Before all of this I was a totally normal, active, positive twenty-something year old guy. Everything was going great and then all of a sudden this. That’s why I have a hard time accepting it when people tell me it’s depression or anxiety. Yeah, im probably depressed now, but its because of how I feel.

If anyone out there has ANY advice on how to approach this I’d really like to hear from you. Maybe advice on how to deal with doctors, or just cope with this. I just really wish I could find someone who would take stop, take a minute, and really listen to me and look ay my history. Is that really asking so much? I’m a pretty passive person, maybe I just need to get really firm on my doctor? I don’t know. Any advice would be helpful.