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:wave:See that's the problem...it's not the injection site...it's my sciatica! Before the shot pain level was most days since the accident a 5-6...now my sciatic pain is 8-9 sometimes 10 when the really sharp pains are. Luckly, my doc fianlly called in something...Vicodin and Lyrica...haven't gotten Lyrica yet tho bc w/c needs to approve it.
Has anyone tried that BTW?
Hi Steve,
Yes, my PM knew about the percocet bc I only had enough for 2 weeks and I didn't have anymore by the time I went to get my 1st ESI. I didnt ask for anymore intially(sp?) bc I assumed that the ESI would do the trick...so far it hasnt.
As for a possible flu or something...I don't think so bc about an hour after I would take the Ultram I'd be in the bathroom. :(
As soon I as I stopped taking them No more bathroom! Weird! My PM fianlly called me back and gave me Vicodin and Lyrica...(which I havent picked up yet) Kind of nervous about taking it as per what I have read regarding the side effects!