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thx guys you have really given me some good advice and suggestions. i did call my doctor and ask him if he would perscribe me some pain killers to hold me off till my MRI which is tommorow. he gave me indomethacin with i had a horrible allergic reation to. my stomache was all messed up and i was vommiting all night, i i just took one 50mg one????? so i called back the next day (saturday) the doctor was out but the nurse practitioner was there and i talked to her and told her about my allergic reaction to the anti-inflammatory meds my doc gave me. she then ordered a perscription of vicodin 5mg for me. so i have been getting sleep and the pain is gone somewhat, but my MRI will have to tell. ill post its findings when i get it and if anypone has anything to relate or advice about it please reply.
thx guy!!!!!