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I've been having pain in my mouth but dentists say it's not a tooth maybe sinuses. So finally today I had my doctor appointment. Only problem is my tooth felt better today and my stomach hurt like hell

Doctor gave me AcipHex and said the anti-bods i was taking were harsh on the stomach. Tonight my extreme tooth pain came back and I need to relieve it.

I took the AcipHex pill 5 hours ago, can I go ahead and take Ibuprofen (or Vicodin if needed) for pain?
No there will be no interactions between the two drugs. Ibuprofen is absorbed in the lower intestine, and aciphex acts directly on the parietal cells of the stomach.
Taking vicodin instead of ibuprofen will be safe too.
Thanks so much guys. I know Ibu is bad for the stomach, but the pain in my mouth was so bad I had to try it. Thanks for letting me know about the Vicodin too