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Quick back story, a year ago I had a root canal done on a tooth of mine. Occasionally it would hurt but only for a short time. Finally last week it hurt so bad I was in tears and went back to the dentist.

Three different dentists have take x-rays and done tests, and can't find a tooth that's causing my pain. They suggested it might be my sinuses putting pressure on the nerves and causing the pain.

One said it might be TMJ, but if I had TMJ my whole jaw would be immobile, it wouldn't feel like stabbing tooth pain.

I went to the doctor today, she looked in my ears, nose etc. She said my sinuses dont seem infected or clogged. I forget what she said it might be, but there's no test for it, and you know you have it by process of elimination. It's the nerves in your upper jaw connected to your brain, and this thing can cause problems there. She said it usually lasts 7-10 days, but can last months.

So I'm handing it over to you guys. What on earth might the problem be. I've been dealing with "root canal style" pain for a week now and it's unbearable. The Ibuprofin and Vicodin work sometimes, othertimes it feels like they dont do anything.

The pain starts in the back of my mouth (up right side) like extreme tooth pain, and expands into a headache by my temple. It then expands into a full migraine all over my head. If you've heard of it before or have any suggestions I will love you forever.