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I will try to cover all bases as much as possible. About 3 years or so ago, i got a very bad pain in my stomach all the way across it right at my belly button. It seemed to go away in a few hours. The next one i got 3 months later and this one was severe enough that i went to the emergency room at 2am, after having the pain for 4 hours or more. They did 2 CT scans (thinking appendicitis) and came up with nothing. the pain went away after about an hour in the hospital. Ive had a few similar episodes lately but not as severe, severe enough that i cant sleep or get comfortable. I have to walk around, I cant stay in one place. The last time I had this happen, I had a Vicodin left over from when i had my wisdom teeth pulled and within minutes the pain went away, i went to sleep and when i woke the pain was gone.

Back to last sunday (sept 14th 2008), i got a bad pain in my stomach (in the middle) that went to my back, the pain was also in my lower back and under my right shoulder blade. the pain lasted about 2.5-3 hours and was not as bad as the stomach pain but was very painful. On Tuesday (sept 16th), it returned, in the same spots and just as bad.

Going back to about 3 weeks ago i asked a friend of mine who is a nurse what she thought the stomach pain was and said gallstones. I did some research on here the Tuesday night my back was hurting and agreed.

I went to the doctor (Tuesday Sept 16th) and they did urine and blood tests and xrays. Xrays revealed nothing. They set up an ultrasound to be done for my gallbladder and it came back with nothing. The only thing the doctor said was some level in my kidney was high and he wanted me to drink lots of water and come back. I lift weights and drink 3/4 gallon of water a day on days that i lift which is mon-fri. He seemed to believe it was muscle pain, but thats not it. muscle pain doesnt hurt like this does.

Now the final bit of info, both sunday and tuesday were triggered by high fat foods. Sunday was a breakfast buffet with sausage, scrambled eggs, etc. Tuesday was fried chicken, 2 breasts and a wing.

I believe its my gallbladder. Would a high level of anything in my kidney cause this? Im not going to waste any more money to go back to the doctor unless the kidney issue may cause this.

Any suggestions would be great. Im the kind of person that says take my gallbladder out and elminate that possiblity but of course, that wont happen unless i pay for it.