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I referred a friend to my pain management Dr. He went to his scheduled appointment, brought his MRI and CT scans etc. They did a UA and asked him what medications he had taken in the past and what he was currently taking. His UA was positive for Opiods,, . what did they expect. He clearly stated he had been prescribed Vicodin from his PCP. The PA told him to come back in 2 weeks when he was "clean" that he couldn't take anything that wasn't prescribed by her. Well,, these meds were prescribed before he came there, there were prescribed for him etc. When I had my first visit, I was not tested via a UA, I told the PA ( a different one--same practice) that I had a prescription for Percocets and I had a handful left. I was given a new RX for Percocets plus the Duragesic patch first visit. SInce then I still have not had to take a UA, every 30 days I get a new RX for my patch as well as my Percocets for break through. My friend must now suffer for 2 weeks and not take anything except over the counter meds so his urine will be clean. Can a practice do this ? There is a Doctor that only signs off on changes in meds and does the injections. Of course he is the PA's supervisor since they have to work under a MD.The PA's do the work. Should he ask to me seen by the other PA or complain to the Doctor ?