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I had my xrays done at the start of my 7th week and I was told to start 50% PWB, so it sounds like you and I are on the same schedule. (my osteotomy was healed and my plugs 'looked good')

I wouldn't worry about doing more than 50% because if you are like me, you won't be able to because the pain will stop you. Even now during my 12th week when I am trying FWB in the boot I did too much at PT yesterday and payed for it last night, even took a Vicodin because my foot had the sharp shooting pains for awhile until I iced it and it calmed down. (I was feeling good at therapy and tried to walk around with one crutch for a bit .. it hurt like heck but that must of been too much because it was the only new thing I did and never had that pain before).

So it sounds like things are moving along well! Yes, still some unanswered questions about what you can do in the future but I think only time will tell. I know I too expect my OS to be able to see into the future and tell me without a doubt what I can/can't do and I've learned to stop asking certain questions because I know he probably can't answer them.

Kim :)