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[QUOTE=Revolutionary1;3748218]Please, if anyone knows any info of the nature of withdrawals. This is a scary ordeal especially concerning post withdrawal syndrome. She is in school and is worried she will not make it through if she quits, but she wants to bc she knows it will only be worst later.


It depends on how much nuerological damage was done from the drug. She can jump off at the dose you say and survive into a comfortable recovery. However, how long it will take her to stablize, how she will feel, severity of PAWS... depends, mostly, on how many mu-opiate receptors have been changed by the drug and how many receptors have been created by the body trying to balance it's complex chemistry to normality. Other factors will weigh in, like underlying psychological issues: Why did she start using in the first place? Is she ready to quit?

I hope this helps some. People who know more than I will soon join your discussion.

Sub is a drug that I have only recreational used once or twice. My drug of choice is a vicodin-soma combo. Any opiate can be used for my addiction, however. I can easily substitute an oxycodone for a few vicodin on any day. It doesn't make it any easier to come clean in the end, however.

Sub is supposed to be easier to come off of, but many will disagree. Most likely, sub has been hailed the wonder drug because it can help the addict address underlying psychological issues before chemical detox begins. Jmho, though.

Good luck,