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Thanks everyone and you are all most welcome! I am happy as you to hear uplifting news and extra excited this one is from me! hehe.

Kyma - Thank you and just know not to give up and ride the tide. Things will get better eventually.

Emily! - Hey gal! Longtime no post. Sorry, I am more lurker than poster of late, due to my work schedule and recent travel. But things will get a little less kaotic over the coming months and I should be able to post a bit more. Yep, I was just hiking in southern france in elevations of 12,000 ft or more. People dont realize what they have until they have lost it. Other than my boyfriend, no one could possibly understand how bad off I was, barely able to walk just a few years ago, had that horrible flare up in the beginning of the year that lasted 4 months, to being virtually painfree and hiking up and down trails in southern france! I truly appreciate my ability that I have right now. You never know if it will last, so I am sucking in every second of it! I've learned alot out my body and self on this last flare up, plus my great PT really put me on the path to the healthy regimen I now follow. I plan to go back and see her in the next couple of weeks just watch her jaw drop on how well I am doing. Plus show her some pics of what I was able to accomplish and climb. She will probably cry. I did! hehehe. So whatever you do.. do not ever give up on getting yourself into a better place with managing your pain, your health, your life.

Beachgirl- Hello. I have posted to you a few times I believe. I have certainly seen your posts, as I have done more lurking these days than posting. I blew out my L4/L5 disc in Jul 2003. It took them until 2006 and five surgeons later to find it. See, I have a bulging disc at L5/S1 that has been there since age 18. So they all removed it was that disc causing the pain and didnt bother to check further. In & out of PT constantly, tried the DRX9000 thingy and it didnt help, and finally got real tough and started not taking the shrugged shoulder routine from the surgeons and found one that really cared enough to do more testing and surgery on me. But it was assumed to be the L5/S1 disc to be cut on, until we did the discogram. The discogram revealed the problem. The L5/S1 caused me no pain at all. None. But when he injected dye into the L4/L5 (which looked normal on 3 yrs of MRIs) my leg flew off the table and I was in horrific pain and it was the same pain I had been having. So I was fused at L4/L5 Apr 2006 and it's been a very up/down healing process and a slow one. And I am normally a quick healer. I've had flare ups along the way (which are to be expected). I was only given 50/50 odds of it helping me at all, and look here I am today. Over 90% improvement. I do hope that your next surgery will be the fix for you and that you can be on the road to some normalcy, which is all any of us at this point would be completely content to have. I also hope you get more!

Michelle! Hi! I remember you and you are very sweet. Thank you. I am glad that anything I said helped you some. I was a lost sheep post op myself, and I found this board and so many helped me get through it and keep my sanity. I try and give back as much as possible. You asked about mypain level. Yep, I have mosly "0" pain and get my aches on and off but it's more like normal achey than the OMG stuff. I was on a very low dose of vicodin (125 mg) at night, which 1/2 (800mg) of skelaxin, and have been on celebrex for the last 5 months or so. I sprained my shoulder and discovered it was also helping with my back pain some. Now I am on NO MEDS! Yippee! May last, may not, but it's soooo nice to say that I am not taking any meds at the moment. I eat right (no bread, no potato, little rice), get the right amount of protein, drink gobs of water, and exercise (core stuff, and all over body) as much as I can stuff in, everyday. Outside of my daily routine, I walk outdoors 4.5 miles per day. The walking has made a huge difference along with really tightening up my core area, which includes having a really really really tight butt and the muscles above in the lower spine. I do alot of butt crunching and things that work the glutes. You hang in there.. better days are truly ahead for you!