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I had a spinal fusion of the T9-L5 one year ago. There were also other things done as well. If you have read any of my posts, you will know that this surgery has increased my pain ten-fold and have gone from a person who functioned relatively well with help (pre-surgery) to an invalid (post-surgery) who can hardly do anything. Even self care is exteremly painful. I'm unable to drive(even car rides are difficult). Cannot participate in any events with the kids. My surgeon says he can't find anything wrong. He said my PM isn't doing a good job, and maybe I need to be on stonger meds. He referred me to a PM doc (within the same medical system), but closer to me. I went there and he talked about this program that exists where my surgeon practices called, "Chronic Pain Rehabilitation Program". Has anyone heard of this? At first, I thought it might be a good idea. When I came home and read the brochure, it says things like;attempt to be consistent in responding to healthy behaviors, and in not responding to pain behaviors, and become free of addicting drugs, also, med.management to provide non-addicting treatments for pain,insomnia and depression and monitored weaning of narcotics, tranquilizers and sedatives. What is all this about?? It sounds more like a drug detox program to me! The dr. did not explain it to me this way @ all! I'm on Vicodin 10 4 -5 times a day, and have NEVER abused my meds. Why couldn't my surgeon tell me about this program in the first place? Why send me to another doc to tell me about a program that has a clinic in the very same area the surgeon practices?? I'm devastated. My surgeon told me pre-op that after surgery I would be able to "do anything short of competitive sports". Now I am wheelchair bound! At least before surgery I could walk without help, and drive short distances, and do more with the kids. One of the reasons I had the surgey was to not have to take pain meds. Now I take one more a day than I use to-and am still in agony. Someone please help me sort this out--:(Janiee