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I just stumbled upon the forum. I am 26 and have had back pain for almost 2 years now. In March I had a discogram done to diagnose whether there were tears in the L4-5 disc. It was positive for tears in that disc and the one below it.

Treatment wise they offered continued conservative treatment (physical therapy, medications, etc) Intradiscal electrothermal therapy IDET (which is a procedure that involves threading a catheter into the affected disc and heating it up for like 16 minutes to seal the tears and destroy the nerve endings) or a referral to a surgeon. I went with the IDET in June and am sorry to say that I am still having pretty significant pain...although I have been told it can take up to 9months to see relief...so I am still hopeful. Has anyone else had this done?

I am still off work because of the restrictions I have and recently was fired because it was taking too long for me to recover...which is just rubbing salt in the wound! It can be so frustrating some times, and it can be really hard to talk to people about it because they just don't understand. Most people understand acute pain...it has a definitive cause, responds to treatment and goes away in a relatively short period of time...but they don't know how to react to chronic pain...they think it is all in your head, or that you are drug-seeking or making it up to get attention...etc.

Pain is pain...even if it has a psychological component it is still pain and should be treated. Thankfully I have has a pain doctor who has been willing to work with me and finally put me on Kadian, which is long acting morphine, and has fewer side effects than the short-acting medications like Percocet or Vicodin. I am also taking Celebrex, gabapentin and Cymbalta. It is hard to be young and otherwise healthy except for the back of a 60 year old and constant back pain...what methods have you all found to help you deal with chronic pain?