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Thank you alpine! Yes, by evening it is just terrible, and of course, that's when all the kids are home and extracurricular activities begin! I am so lucky to have such a supportive husband, and from reading all the posts on this website, I have learned that I have limited my meds so much it's ridiculous! I never wanted to take more than 3 vicodin per day, and I have come to the conclusion that that is just crazy! I have increased the meds, as necessary, and at least I can get some stuff done! As far as the stimulator, I am running it at it's max, feel like I am going to bounce across the room, but it helps to some degree, so there's nothing more they can do. I still get some pain near the implant area, I made the mistake of losing weight and so now it is very near the skin, very visible, and I tend to bump it, which gives me bruises! But oh well, it helps some so I will live with it. Try giving it some more time. When I first had it implanted, I couldn't run it at night, and could only turn it up to about 1.5. I now run it 24/7, and keep it at 4.5 - 5 at all times! You get used to it, I just started turning it up a couple of points every couple of days, and I did adjust to it. Good luck to you, and let me know if you have any other questions about the stim, or need any advice! Take Care!!!;)
My doctor team at Univ. of Michigan wrote me off after the implant. I am now seeing a team of Pain Doctors at Henry Ford. I have had my spinal cord stimulator for a little over 1 year. It works great for the nerve pain in my legs but my low back is killing me. Now the doctors want to put a pain pump in for my extreme pain in my low back. I am supposed to take 1-2 Vicodin and 40mg of Methadone 4 times a day (most days I only take half of that so I can function somewhat normal) and the doctors want to get me off the oral meds. Wish I could have my old life back!!! But all-in-all....the spinal cord stimulator is GREAT.

Keep your head up and keep us posted!!!

Hi MadhouseMike. I saw my pain doc on Friday, trying to come to an agreement about my pain meds. I feel like I am talking to a brick wall! I took my husband in with me to lend some support. I have the stim, but I have had a return of some of the leg pain, mostly at night when I try to go to sleep. (he did finally admit that it is failed back syndrome, and it will never get better!) We discussed the pain mangement, he previously would only give me 4 vicodin a day, plus neurontin and soma. I told him that I wanted to have the ability to take up to 6 a day. He switched me to Norco (less tylenol) and said that if this doesn't work, that my only option is a morphine pump! I left there with a new presecription, and low and behold, he STILL gave me only 4 a day!!! This was after telling me that 6 was OK with him, but to take 2 before bedtime for the leg pain. I had already explained to him that it didn't help with the leg pain!! I asked for klonipin, I had previously taken it for restless leg syndrom, but my stim solved that problem. He told me that he WAS NOT FAMILIAR WITH THAT DRUG and would not prescribe it. TOTALLY FRUSTRATING!! I really want to find a new doc, but am in the end stages of getting my SS disability approved, and don't want to make any changes right now. I am going to go back to my MD who originally prescribed the klonipin and get it from him. I have to wonder why a doctor who can implant a stim on my nerves is not familiar with a nerve medication! Bunch of quacks out there! I am going to send him a written letter regarding my dosage of Norco, so maybe becaue it is written he will get the message. **REMOVED*** I cannot wait to get the disability thing done so that I can make a change. I wish you the best of luck, and try to not go to the pump, they say that once you are on it, you never get off! That is my biggest fear! :)