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Hi! Thank you so much for your response. I thought the Dr. I saw today was going to be an orthopedic, but he was a pain specialist. I have already tried seeing my regular Dr. and that got me nowhere!
My pain started 5 months ago. It started as somewhat tolerable, and has intensified over time to be debilitating and depressing. It is in my lower back middle and to the left, in my left groin, and down my left leg. I get weakness where I feel like I will collapse in both thighs, and numbness in my mid back on the left. The pain gets to a point each day that I am ready to go to the ER, but talk myself out of it. I have tried NASIDS, Prednisone, ice, chiropractic..... Right now I am taking Vicodin at night after my daughter goes to bed, and I guess tonight I will start that Neurontin.
Believe me, I will not see a chiropractor anymore, ever, ever again. I had been seeing one and everything went from bad to worse. In fact, I never had any back problems before. I started seeing her in my third trimester of pregnancy. My chiro is my next door neighbor and said she could help my hips move for delivery.
Do you know if an MRI will show the amount of slippage?