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You sound a lot like me. My pain started 5.5 months ago. Since then the pain has gone from an annoyance to horrible, I need to go to the ER type of pain. It is in my lower back middle and to the left, left groin, and down my left leg. It is the worst in the evenings and at night. I cannot find a comfortable position to sleep in. I have also cried myself to sleep. I went to Urgent Care last week where they did x-rays and saw that I have Spondylolisthesis. I have a fracture in my lumbar spine which has caused a vertabrae to slip out of place. Along with this comes a herniated disc. I am currently taking Neurontin for nerve pain, and vicodin for breakthrough pain. I am having an MRI tomorrow to see the soft tissue damage. Have you seen an orthopedic specialist? Or just your regular doctor? You obviously need some additional treatment since all the conservative approaches have failed. 10 months is a long time to deal with that. I assume you've had an MRI since they diagnosed you with a herniated disc. How about an x-ray?