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I had a discectomy when I was 19 weeks pregnant. I was in so much pain from a large herniated disc that I didn't sleep for almost 2 weeks. I was a mess. My surgery was very minor compared to a fusion. I would definately talk to your OB about this. Is there any way they could give you some pain medication to help you get through the rest of your pregnancy? I was prescribed vicodin to take, and did take it before the surgery. I of course hated taking it, but without it I could not even stand to take a shower. I did not have twins at home to take care of, but I had a 13 month old son who wasn't walking yet! And I thought my situation was bad. I cannot imagine the stress you are under right now.

Again, I would definately talk to your OB and be honest with him about all your fears and options. He should be able to talk to your surgeon and figure out a game plan. My surgeon would not prescribe anything for me until he cleared it through my OB first. I would think there is something less invasive they could do for you.

Also, I wanted to add that my daughter had no issues from the surgery and is now a thriving 2 year old. They told me that I was at the perfect place in my pregnancy for a surgery. All of the major organs were already developed but I wasn't too far along that they would have to worry about pre-term labor. The nurses that were prepping me in the OR told me they see pregnant woman in surgery all the time.

Good luck and please let us know how you are doing.
I was also prescribed vicodin during my pregnancy for pain. I had a herniated disc that healed itself with the help of prednisone, thank God, but I did need to take the vicodin until my pain was reduced. The pain was so bad that it hurt to breath, so I really had no choice.