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[FONT="Georgia"][SIZE="2"][COLOR="Purple"]I hope that I am posting this on the right board as I could not find one that specifically applied to my question. I have several mental and physical disabilities and take a litany of medications to help deal with them. Recently my doctor, who is the only one prescribing any of these medicines, asked me to take a urine test so that he might test the levels of some of the medicines that I take. I was 100% fine with this and so I supplied a urine sample on the spot. The office was closing and said that the would contact me with the results the following day. I did not know why I needed these results, but I said that was fine. Imagine my surprise when the next day I got a call telling me that my urine test had registered negative for opiates. I take the generic form of Vicodin on a daily basis. I have now been accused of things such as just not taking my medicine as prescribed to selling my pills by my doctor! He has said he will no longer prescribe me Vicodin. I am at a loss...I have been taking this medicine to control the pain of Sarcoidosis and Fibromyalgia for several years now. I am frightened of going through withdrawal from the drug as I am just being cut off by my doctor cold turkey. I do take all of my medicine as prescribed and I said there must have been some kind of mistake. I offered to come in right then and give another urine sample, a blood sample, even a hair sample if they would like. I even offered to come in right then so that they could count my pills. The answer was NO! I am hurt and astonished at the way I was treated. I have been seeing the same doctor for 17 years. I'm wondering if there is anyone out there who can help me. Tell me if it's possible for this urine test to have given a false negative for some reason. Not only do I not want to lose my medicine and go back to being in pain all the time, I want my integrity to remain in tact. The only things I did differently that day were, 1. Got a flu shot. 2. I had been taking Sudafed for congestion as suggested by my doctor. {Real Sudafed, the kind you sign for}. The other medications I take are as follows: Xannax, Xannax XR, Paxil, Effexor, Singulair, Topamax, Glucofage, Prilosec, Ventolin (Inhaler), Advair (Inhaler)....I take the generic brands of the drugs that I listed except for the Topamax & Singulair & Advair. I drink gallons of iced tea and water everyday and that is all I drink. No juice, no milk, no soda etc. Just tea and ice water all day long. Is it possible that anything that I have mentioned could have affected the outcome of this test? It should have registered positive. The Xannax showed positive, but not the vicodin. I hate that my doctor thinks I am at the very least lying to him and at the most selling my pills. Any help with this will be very appreciated. Thank you.
:confused: Suzanne~
there are so many different things that can screw up any UA result(i don't see where you have actually mentioned the normal amount of vicodin you take per day?). alot depends upon the actual threshold amounts they use as perameters on their specific test. i would ask them to retest that sample,or retest you. oops,i see where you actully offered all this and they still refused you? this doesn't sound right to me at all. is this your regular primary or an actual PM doc? i am wondering if your primary(if this is indeed the case),or the group he works with is trying to get rid of patients who have to be on narcotics. your treatment just was not fair. like i said,something just doesn't sound 'right" in all this.

go down to the pain management board and present this question. i can tell you that you are NOT the only one this has happened to. we in pain management have to be randomly tested,in most cases,once per year,but always that "suprise'. you NEED to do some research to present to your doc about the different things,including just how much of the drug itself you were taking and what that cut off point was in the particular type of drug test they used to prove your innocence here. the actual generic you are on als0 can make a huge difference too. by FDA law,any generic "equivalent'(very bad choice of words,believe me)can axctually contain only 85% and up as much as 110% of the actual active ingredient(in this case,hydrocodone) and STILL can be called "equivalent. its really sick actually but completely condoned by the FDA. depending upon your generic and how much you were actually taking per day this could have been enough to make the difference in that threshold/cut off limit that just screwed you.

but DO go down to the pain management boards below here. they ARE familiar with this same thing occuring with random UAs. i had one that showed positive for hydromorphone whcih i never took and my PM never mentioned this to me,it was the metabolite of the breakdown of the oxycodone i am on that showed up. things can just happen with UAs,this is why you really need to do that research to back up your honesty. unforunetly,once this occurs in any given patient,its up to us,the patients to simply try and clear our good names. i really do feel for you. i would ask your idiot primary to refer you to a good pain managemet clinic and then explain completley what happened to your new doc. they know how strange and bizzarre certain things are that can affect our UAs. you may not have simply had enough hydro in your body to actually show up on the threshold level of that test that was given. its that simple really. it would be logical considering everything,ya know? i really am so sorry you are where you are right now. i do hope things will work out for you. but DO go to the PM boards here,believe me,people there can relate to what youre currently dealing with and could offer you some better advice too. hang in there suzanne. please keep me posted. FB