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Terri for some reason your words brought tears to my eyes. The anxiety of quitting is so strong. My taper I do feel was a little faster than what I had anticipated. I wanted to do this quickly but little did I know how HARD it would be. The pill I took this morning is already wearing off and it was supposed to last 12 hours. My legs are starting to hurt and my shoulders are so tense I can barely sit here any longer. I too HAVE to work. I CAN'T take a day off. Which is what I am so scared of for Friday. Tomorrow may be hard because its the last pill but I think Friday morning will scare me to death when I wake up and KNOW that I can't take that one pill to make the pain go away. My whole body is scared. Thank you for complimenting my attitude.. I am trying really hard right now becuase I know there is no other option for me. I want my life back and this is what I have to do.. I just PRAY so hard that God makes these next few days fly by. I think by Monday I will hopefully stop hurting.. I don't know what to expect after I take that last pill. I think I am going to post a question and ask to see if anyone could tell me what to expect.
Thank you so much for your support and you are so smart to taper.. I think that will help you stay strong and committed to becoming sober.
by the way... what are Norco's? Is that like vicodin?
Terri, THANK you so much for your words and your support.. You have NO IDEA what you have done for me today. You are my angel for today! So God bless you. I will pray for you too. Hang in there and i am here for you from here on out!
~Mrs. Secrets!
Sorry haven't been on. I also have a 3 and 4 yr old and work part time. But the first time and this time I did tapering. And both times I was also getting them off the streets after running out of my doc's script. I think your doc will help so much.

The first time I was on it for about 2 years and finally got tired of them and tried to cold turkey and b/c I was so determined I flushed the rest of what I had. Well..... I couldn't do it and my husband was so supportive so thankfully he was there with me but he ended up taking me to the hopsital b/c I really thought I was dying. I was up to about 8-10 a day and the after the ER visit they gave me only a few xanax (just enough to get me time to get an appt with my primary). I was lucky to get into my primary that day and I told her the truth and she was nothing but great and resourceful. I was taking percocet and she said she would wean me off but we used vicodin and klonipin. Within one month I was able to wean off. I felt shitty but I was ready.

This second time unfortunately I had a few pain issues with my pregnancy and my doc wrote me a script for vicodin and even though I knew better I took them. Damn that took me back! He wrote me enough for a couple weeks and then I figured since he thought iit was okay to them I made a phone call and got a few more. I spiraled back up to 6-8 or so a day and had such guilt but tried to do it myself but b/c I had them available I kept justifying taking another one. It went on for about 6 weeks and then I just got rid of them (again) and went to my OB and told him the truth and said that I have to wean off b/c cold turkey or a huge jump down is more dangerous for the baby. Needless to say I am doing it! This time last month I was upto 6-8 and have weaned down to just a half of a 500mg vicodin and it's at night b/c I cannot sleep. I go on Monday and he said we'll try a sleeping aid but Im so hesitant b/c I have an addictive personalilty.

Sorrry for the long response. LOL