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Hey Everyone,

Well, I am a fellow addict. A lot of different health issue's starting this horrifying journey for me.. Along the way I fell in love with vicodin.. Then eventually oxycodone and then oxycontin. I had a surgery done a few weeks ago and requested an immediate wean down program from these drugs after a few days recovering from surgery... Currently..... my last day of taking a pill is tomorrow and I am scared to death. For the last 2 weeks it has been a nightmare. Sleepless nights because my legs are kicking and hurting.. Along with my arms and shoulders. Hot sweats and everything else that you all know comes along with this. Now.. my family knows I am doing this wean down process as does my employement.. However, none of these people know that I actually am addicted mentally to these drugs not just physically addicted to them.
Tomorrow I take my last oxycontin pill and then I am done.. I am scared of how I am going to feel Friday. I have to work. I just wonder what it will feel like to feel normal again. I miss that "high" I used to get and wonder how strong I will be able to be. I am scared. Just had to say it all out loud to some people who would understand.
What I do know is that right now I am strong and I keep in my mind that we want to start a family and that is more important that any pill could ever be. I just keep repeating that when I am kicking in the middle of the night.
Well, Thanks for reading all of this!