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I cannot answer your question but can relate to your post 100%. I used to wonder if the vicodin was really taking my pain away, or if the lift in the mood from taking it was the real reason I could tolerate my pain. The past few weeks have been pretty rough for me pain wise and it seems that my vicodin is not working that well. I am not getting any mood lift at all from them and they are only lasting a couple hours now. My PM increased my dosage 2 months ago and I am so upset that they seem not to be working already.

Please let us know what your doctor said. I am going to my PM doctor on Tuesday and plan on asking him these questions as well.

Oh yeah, I also tried cymbalta but it had the opposite effect on me....it made me not be able to sleep. I was just thinking about this not even 10 minutes ago. I was wondering if an anti-depressant or an anti-anxiety would be beneficial to me. I have never experienced depression before and not sure what to look for. I do know that I cry a lot. Have lack of energy (taking 2100mg of neurtontin, so this adds to it). Have little patience. Always have a nagging worrying/upset feeling.

Anyway, thanks for posting this and good luck!