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So, I'm not really sure if this is the best place to put this, but here goes.

A few days ago, I was enjoying my holiday vacation in Southern California, with my family. Then I started feeling an odd twitch in my side. Like I needed to pass gas or something. I laid down for a bit, took an Alka-Seltzer, and still - Nothing happened. The pain was still there.

After the rest of my family had gone to bed, I spent the entire night clinging to the porcelain toilet bowl for dear life, as a I vomited repeatedly until morning, until my mother found me passed out from exhaustion.

She loaded me up into her car and we drove to the local hospital. Got checked in, and the first thing that made my already crappy weekend.. a little.. better - A hefty dose of morphine. Oh my -God-, did that feel good. It was like all the pain melted away and .. it was just the best I'd felt in the past two days.

Anyways, I'm a single guy, living with my ex-girlfriend in Northern California. I don't have any medical insurance, so I was -very- hesitant to go to the hospital. Granted, I have money saved up from when I was working, but that's not a whole lot, when medical bills are $6,000+.

My doctor came in, and immediately he starts plunging his hand into random areas along my side, asking all the while, 'Does this hurt?'

Bloody yes, it hurts! (I don't get why doctors have to jab at an area that you TELL them it hurts. Maybe to make sure you're not lying or something? Sheesh.)

So, some Tech guy came out, gave me this citrus-y shake, so my innards would 'light' up on the CT Scan they'd signed me up for. Went in there, got my scan, then the doctor came back. He said that we were going to have to operate immediately, because my appendix had:

1. Already burst
2. In the process of bursting

So, some nurses wheeled me out to the preparation room where they loaded me up with anesthetics and I was out for a few hours. I wake up, and I'm in a completely different wing of the hospital, still coming out of my drug-induced sleep.

After a few days, they stopped giving me Dexatrol (I -think- that's the name of the drug), it's some.. pain relieving medication, and lowered to Vicodin. I guess because I'd taken too many of them, or because I was actually paying for the treatment, now. A shame, really. I was happy when I was all numbed out on pain killers.

So, because there really wasn't any need for me to be there, I asked to be discharged the next day. And of course, my doctor took his sweet time making his way down to my wing. =P

He agreed that I should be discharged, and if anything should go wrong, then I should come back.

Great. What a load off my mind. So, I get home and I lay down. Everything is fine, until nightfall hits. I'm tossing and turning, and vomiting every hour or so.

Now, the doctor had told me that if I experienced nausea or vomiting, then that's unnatural to recovery. So.. is he right? I don't really want to spend more money going back to see him.

Been having some chest pain, too. Feeling like I've got lumps in my throat, and at times, it can be difficult to swallow.

I'm also worried about when I was vomiting. I reached up to wipe away tears and snot from my nose, and most of it was blood. Scared the hell out of me. But then again, I've been coughing up a -lot- of bile, for the past week. So, that may have eroded the lining of my esophagus, causing blood to go into my mouth and nasal cavity. But that's purely speculation, and trying to assuage any fears -I- may have.

Any tips, words of wisdom or reassurance of someone who's been in my shoes, would be greatly appreciated. I've spent the majority of my life.. relatively healthy. And to undergo a major surgery (Read: Major surgery for me) like this, and not bounce back immediately, is a little daunting.