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Unfortunately, no I can't help with the cage advice. I do know I have not been mentioned that at all though and that is my problem as well. I have been suffering bilateral burning pain in my legs for over 1 year now in addition to some back pain but my leg pain is worse. I feel only some relief in the fetal position. Worse after walking and sitting. I take ultram, vicodin, zanaflex (to sleep), lodine etc. None really work very much but I have recently tried Vicoprofen (just a mix of vicodin and ibuprofen)and I do feel some relief which is very nice.

If I were you I'd get another opinion before I jumped into anything. The best thing I've learned through all fo this nightmare is how subjective all of medicine is. I've been to about 6 doctors and each one, EACH one, has said somethign different. It's amazing. One doctor even said there was no herniation at all. It's just frightening how much it depends on their perspectives. Maybe you should also talk to a Pain Management doctor. I've heard that Neurontin is a great med for the pain we have. Until we get relief from some surgery maybe we can live a little bit more comfortably....

Hang in there. Let us know what you find. And I'll let you know. I'm supposed to hear from the nuerosurgeon tomorrow what he thinks.

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