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I Just Got Results From An Mri Which Says I Have A Moderate Herniation Of The L4-l5 Disc. I Am In Extreme Pain And On Tylenol 3. Not Effecvtive At All. Will Vicoprofen Be Better Since It Contains An Anti Inflammatory.

Any Info Will Help
I think the Vicoprofen sounds like a winner.You would get an increase in the strength of the pain med along with the benefits of the anti-inflamitory med.Now, getting your doc to go along with this will actually be the hard part unless you are lucky enough to have a doc who actually cares about your pain.Good Luck,Marcia
I agree with Feelbad start out with the Vicoprofen first, you don't want to start getting into the stronger medications right off the bat as your body will begin to build it's tolerance over time and eventually you might find yourself taking some pretty high doses of pain meds to relieve even just a headache. You may even do OK with Ultram and a good anti-imflamatory such as Bextra or Mobic each day. If that doesn't work then it's time to do the Vicoprofen, you may not be doing your body any favors by jumping right in on certain medications. If you've taken Ultram before then yes definately head towards the Vicoden. I think Percocets at this point are overkill until you know how the Vicoprofen is going to work for you especially if your pain is long term.

Tylenol 3's are not good for much outside of a toothache and a mild headache they also cause such severe itching problems I wonder why they even give them out anymore.

Best of luck to you