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Hey Magoo, WPI is the Nasdaq code Watson pharmacuetical industires
#2137 is from their generic line equivelent to Motrin 800 mg
It's 800 mgs of Motrin which is the highest strength they make and can be equally rough on the stomach and very bad for your kidneys if used long term..

Dihydrocodone is another option, stronger than codeine but weaker than hydrocodone . You see more DHC used in the UK but it is available in the US.
It's made with DHC + apsirin and cafeine or
DHC + tylenol and cafeine. most likely prescribed wfor headaches when you see the cafeine content. It's prescribed for mild to moderate pain when fast acting is important.

Most meds are described for the treatment of mild-moderate, moderate to severe or severe.

The next step up is Hydro products for moderte to severe and then you have meds for severe pain like oxycodone, morphine, fentanyl, methadone and demerol, but demerol can only be used short term due to a metabolite that can build up and cause seizures. None of the meds for severe pain are limited in dose because they are pure opiates, no apap, aspirin or IBU in each pill.

The pure opiates do no organ damage where meds formulated with aspirin, tylenol or IBU are limited in dose by the amount of non opiate in each pill. Hydrocodone isn't weak, It's just that the amount they use combined with tylenol, limts the dosing by reaching levels of Tylenol toxicity.

The next step up would be something containing hydrocodone.
MG to MG, Hydrocodone is about equal in strength to morphine. However the weakest morphine tabs in the US are 15 mgs which exceeds the 10mgs of hydrocodne you would get with norco 10/325

The most Ibuprofen anyone should take in anyday is 2400 mgs. They have done studies that have showed taking more than 2400 mgs a day provides no additional relief. 4800 wouldn't work any better than 2400.

I think I compared codeine and motrin in an earlier post.
Products that contain hydrocodone either have different combinations of Hydro and tylenel or Hydrocodone and Ibuprofen.The first number is number of mgs of Hydrocodone and the second number would be the number of mgs of apap or Ibuprofen. Like 10/325 means 10 mgs of Hydrocodone and 325mgs of tylenol / apap. APAP is short for Tylenol.

The hydro/apap combinations range from products that conatin the least amount of hydro and apap to the most amount of hydro and apap. Synthetics usally are much easier on the stomach than codeine.

The first step with the least Tylenol "apap" would be 5/325 7.5/325 or 10/325
all the hydro products either contain 5, 7.5 or 10 mgs of hydrocodone and various amounts of apap from 325 to 750 mgs per pill. The max single dose of Tyelenol at one time is 100mgs or 4000 mgs per day. The various combinations of hydro:apap is what make the difference between Vicodin, Lortab, Norco, Anexia, Maxidone or any other hydro/apap combination.

Vicoprofen is the 7.5mgs of hydrocodne and 200 mgs of IBU, recently I saw a manufacturer making a 5/200 combination. All these meds are available as generic.

Are you in canada or the US?
Some products are available in canada that are not in the US and a few vice versa.
Good luck, Dave
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