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I have been doing alot of reading in here since having my meds changed several times recently, and have been given some great advice by the wonderful regulars on this board! I am hoping you can all help point me in a direction once again :)

Im looking for suggestions on what to tell/ask my doctor about my current meds. I was recently changed over to 10mg Oxycontin, and its kind of funny---some of you may have read my other post where I was afraid of even taking it. Well, its funny because it is just not effective! First, I was getting more relief from the Vicodin and Vicoprofen I had been taking prior to the OxyContin. Second, it does not even come close to lasting 7 hours---let alone 12!! Also I am still experiencing the headaches from this medicine, and its been over a week since I started it. I have read the other threads about the TID that some of you recommended, but even tho my doctor is great and open minded, I get the impression that the 12hr guidelines are not something this office would go against. This is based on past experience with them, and I might even still bring the possibility up, but dont expect it really. These are the main reasons I hated the idea of changing from the meds I found that were working well for me. However, because of the Tylenol/APAP/Acetaminonphen in Vicoden, and the Ibuprofen in Vicoprofen, my doctor had no choice to change me to a medication that doesnt include either(long story short---ive encountered problems with both the apap & ibu).

So now Im left wondering.....what should I recommend/ask for? Here are three ideas I was thinking of mentioning to my doctor (other than the TID/stronger Oxycontin...but the stronger itself wont matter if it doesnt last beyond 7 hours, and Im not sure they will go beyond the BID), so what do you all think of this, and suggest?
1) Initially, my doctor mentioned a duragesic patch to me, but since I have problems with dry, itchy skin (worse in winter) I didnt like the sound of that being on me. I am not beyond trying it, however:
2) I am inclined to think that since the Hydrocodone meds were working---just the extra meds in with them were a prob---wouldnt straight Hydrocodone be a possible solution? The only problem I see with this, is from what Ive read its rarely prescribed and is hard to find a pharmacy with straight Hydrocodone.
3) I was reading positive posts about the relief some people got from straight Oxycodone, and also liked that it was similar to Hydrocodone from what I read, but was confused about something: Is the straight Oxycodone(no ibu/apap) like OxyIR a very short duration med, so it wouldnt provide relief the same amount of time as the "Vico" meds did (3-4 hours)? If not, or if there is another specific Oxycodone I could mention to my doctor that doesnt have the Tylenol or Ibuprofen in it--but would provide relief up to 4 hours, what is the name and its strengths?

Im grateful for everyones help so far, this board and community has really eased my visits with my doctor during a time when, the less stress the better! Its more of a discussion now with my doctor, and less of a Q&A. And of course Shoreline is---as called by many others in this area---the Master! :P Thanks for any input, all your suggestions are appreciated!!
- Phlox