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I am sure someone else out there has to be in the same boat. Car accident December 30, 2003. At a dead stop when a car rear-ended me doing 55. Ended up with bulging disk in C4-C5 along with spasms, headaches, extremities weakness etc. You know the routine. In the last year, I have upgraded from Lortab 5 to Lorcet 7.5 to Vicoprofen 7.5 to Norco 10 to Percocet 5 along with PT and injections.

My problem is that the pain, although not extremely excessive, is deep and nothing really touches it, or so I think. I take so many pills a day, I practically put myself into a coma (not really). Hold your breath - I have taken 90 Percocets in 7 days.

Please people, I know the harm it can do and everything else. That's not my problem. What the problem is, is that I am not relieving my pain that I actually do have. And after a week, I am screwed until the beginning of the month. What I want to know is? Does this happen to anyone else out there? Have they gotten in so deep that addiction has grown more important than the pain relief?

No lectures on harmful effects please. Just a resolution to pain relief and pill addiction.