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Here is my experience.. and the things that worked and things that didn't. I hope they might help someone on this board.

1989-1998 Sciatic nerve pain down right leg.
Chiropractor taught my husband how to massage the nerve all the way down the leg.. then apply ice pack. This method kept the pain managable for about 10 years.

1998 Ruptured disk. Had MRI showed rupture on L5S1. Leg pain increased and massage made it worse. Orthopedic surgeon prescibed vicoden (hydrocodone) and physical therapy. The only way I could get to PT (or anywhere else) was to carry an Ice pack in a cooler wherever I went so I could sit on it in the car. The PT helped slightly, but all pain went away one day when my pastor's wife (who was also a nurse) gave me a vicoprofen because I forgot to bring my vicoden with me to church. She told me it was the same thing but with Ibuprofen. The next day I woke up and the pain was completely gone and stayed gone for two years.

2000 Same disk ruptured again. Searing leg pain felt like a hot poker in three points, butt, hamstring, and calf. Again, ice was about the only thing that helped. Went to orthopedic surgeon and he scheduled me for an Epidural Steroid Injection for the next day. Oxycodone prescribed only slightly took the edge off pain and helped me sleep. The next morning the disk ruptured yet again and I suddenly lost the feeling in my calf and foot and my foot just flopped when I walked. I met the Surgeon in the ER and he immediately ordered another MRI and scheduled emergency Microdiscectomy for the next morning. He said there was a chunk of disk material the size of a quarter cutting off the circulation in my sciatic nerve. In the hospital before the surgery I was given a shot of demerol which did nothing, and then put on a Morphine drip which took away all pain. (yay morphine!) When I woke from the surgery all pain was gone, and stayed away for the next four years.

2004 (Fri Dec 3) Leg pain suddenly poured down my leg like a faucet just turned on. Reason unknown. The only difference from 2000 was this time I could not sit.. while last time I could.. standing hurt. Perhaps it is a different disk? Spent Saturday with ice packs and taking ibuprofen every four hours. Pain increased Sunday morning. Went to walk in clinic and asked Dr for 5 day prednizone pack and Oxycodone. Was given shot of Torodal which didn't help at all. Went to see my physician the next day who prescribed muscle relaxers in addition to prednizone. They did seem to help a little. Made appt to see surgeon on Friday. Couldn't wait. Thursday 12/7 went to ER in horrible pain. Predizone was not helping at all. Shot of Demerol did not help in ER so they sent me directly to my surgeon's office. He prescriped Oxycontin (OMG!!) PLUS Oxycodone for in between doses and Relafen. Also scheduled ESI for next day (Friday 12/10). ESI went great and did not hurt at all.

The Oxycontin was amazing but very scary. It worked great on the pain but it was mood altering (made me very very angry) and seemed very very addicting. IT told ME when to take more! On Tuesday the ESI began to kick in so I took myself off the Oxycontin and was very glad I did. Each day after the ESI I felt a good amount of improvement and stopped improving when I felt about 75% better. I have now been scheduled for one more ESI on January 7th, and have taken myself off of all pain meds except sometimes at night I take an oxycodone. I feel a lot of pinching when I am laying down. Last night I woke up laying on my right leg and suddenly my hamstring started to cramp so badly that I couldn't get it to stop. I took a muscle relaxer and that worked quite nicely.

So that is my experience so far... I'm on the road back from another nightmare... hoping to stay that way. If anyone has any experiences that might help.. please post. Thanks!