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I too have chronic burning between the shoulder blades for over 8 years. Pain that starts around my left shoulder blade and often radiates up the neck and even around my rib cage. Believe me, I've tried everything, gotten all the tests and have been told it's myofascial pain. Recently my neck became incredibly stiff and painful and I evidently started having weakness, but no pain in my left tricep and grip. Did PT and traction, Had another MRI in the cervical area that evidently was normal but my PCP wants me to see a Neurosurgeon next week nonetheless. I have no idea what questions to ask and I really have no idea if this is thorasic or cervically originating. I understand how frustrating pain in this area can be because for me at least, it's constant and often debilitating, especially sitting at a desk. My PCP allows me 1 vicoprofen a day which takes the edge off in the late afternoons but I'd sure like to just eliminate the source of this crap. Chiropractors tell me my Thorasic spine is straight with no natural curve, whatever that means. Anyway, just thought I'd post instead of continue to just lurk and I wish everyone success with their own thorasic issues.