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Oramorph-SR is made by Roxane.

I've had the best luck with Endo brands myself, but Roxane is also usually good.

I'm stuck with the MK version of MS-Contin this time around, and unlike the Endo version I have to take this stuff within about 10 minutes of the hour or I feel it wear off, and sometimes even before then. Back when I took percocet, the 512MK version was always inferior to the Endocet (though insurance made that a costly proposition, the pharmacist would ask every time if I wanted the other because they had many complaints). I never noticed much of a difference in vicodin, but then I usually took either vicoprofen 7.5 or norco 10's in place of vicodin by the time I was taking them every month on a regular basis.

Smaller pharmacies you can usually just go to the PIC with a complaint and ask them to order the other one for you (they may ask for you to pay the difference, and its usually very small between generics, but most of the time not even that). Larger chains are a major headache though. I'm locked into using Walgreens by my insurance, and their ordering is out of state. The PIC can show me in the catalog where they order all of their drugs, and they have the endo version (and it's only a few cents more in the large lot), but he can't directly order it without corporate cancelling it and sending the other.