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I have been diagnosed with mild degenerative disc disease May 04. I have had back pain on/off since a teenager but most recently (Oct 2003) it has been non-stop. I recently went through the test shots for RFA (facet Joints) and am on a waiting list for the procedure. I normally am okay with my pain meds but today is just terrible. I am almost in tears. Since coming to this pain mgmt doctor I have been prescribed hydrocodone, Kadian (stopped taking as I was still having major pain episodes) and now I am on vicoprofen which usually works well. I had a terrible time sleeping last night and would like to get something stronger. I don't want to appear to be drug seeking but I need some help. What do you all suggest?
Thanks!! I am currently dosed at 6 vicoprofens a day. Do you think I could call and have them increase that to 8? That would allow me to take 2 every 4-6 hours where as now I take 1 for two doses.

The worst part is not being able to sleep through the night and waking up sore in the morning. I understand a LA medicine would help with that but I was in too much pain. Maybe my dossage wasn't high enough. Could a person with Facet Joint issues and bone spurs get worse with time? I feel like my pain has increased within the last couple of weeks. Maybe because of being so active over the holidays.

I am waiting to do an RFA. I pray that the procedure brings relief and an end to my pain!!! Thanks again for your help!!!
I actually requested to go on Vicoprofen because I was taking Kadian with 1200 mg of ibuprofen. I was still in a lot of pain. I asked to switch because they said I couldn't use anything with the Kadian. I thought with the vicoprofen it was the same dossage as 20 mg of Kadian. I never had any side effects after switching.

The only issue is when I go into work (I drive 1 hour each way fortunately this is only one day a week), I get in a lot of pain. Today, I feel as bad as I did last week. Last week they told me to up my dossage to 8 a day. Which is what I have been taking (I felt okay Sat-Wed on this dossage). I think/know it is the car ride that is killing my back. The bad thing is that my son's first birthday party is Saturday and we have to drive four hours to get there (it's in Indiana where my family lives). I know that I am going to be a mess if I don't get something to help me with the pain. I just want to curl up and go to bed right now because I hurt so much!!!