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Okay I have heard about these things and want to know a few things.

I have DDD and most recently underwent RFA on my left side. Now my right side hurts worse and my spine. The left side is still tender but it is more muscular than pain. I currently take vicoprofen up to 6 per day. I take 2 in the morning one around lunchtime. 1 after work (I have an hour drive to get home) and 2 at night. This schedule has worked pretty good for me. If I have bad days (like today) I use Thermacare (they are wonderful). Anyway, my question is this...

1. Do you think the lidoderm patches would work?
2. Do they smell?
3. How long do they last?
4. Are they expensive (I have prescription drug coverage)?

Appreciate your response.

What doesn't break us, makes us stronger (I know a little campy but feels appropriate for today as i feel like my back is going to break in two).

Thanks again :angel: