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I am sorry that you have been through all those surgeries and have some of the problems coming back again. I've not even started surgery yet, but I do know how painful the stenosis is. I wish I could think of something else you could try...it seems like you've tried many of the options w/o much success.

For myself, I havent found any pain meds that really help my stenosis pain & ive also tried many. The only one that did help a wee bit was Vicoprofen, but I had to stop taking it because it caused me severe widespread bruising everywhere. At this point I am taking nothing for pain or inflammation and I do know the pain (and probably aggravation & frustration) you are feeling. \
What does help me slightly for muscle spasms (due to stenosis) are moist heating pads. Others find ice helps a bit. My rheumy had me try some samples of Limbrel, which is a medical food used for people with osteoarthritis. I only had 10 days worth, but I've heard from some others who've taken it a few months who said they noticed some improvement in joint stiffness. It's not a medication, per se, but one does need a doctor's prescription for it. At my next appt. I'm going to ask my doc for a script so I can take it longer and see if it makes any difference. I got to the point that I decided to have surgery, which im doing in September in hopes that at least my stenosis pain will be gone. (however, I know none of my arthritis pain will ever go away)

I don't know which meds you have tried, but maybe there are more out there that you havent tried. You might want to think of seeing the rheumatologist as they may have other options. I'm sorry I couldnt give you more advice.