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so, you are trying then? i had grade III endo and was told we would never have a child without IVF. we did go a few years with no birth control, but when we were looking at another surgery we really started trying everything in the book to get pregnant and then i got pregnant with my daughter and then had no problems getting pregnant after her. now, i did have problems staying pregnant after i took the depo. bad idea.

take 200 mg of ibu every six hours two to three days before you usually start hurting and then increase the amount on your pain days but try to keep it between 400 and 600 mg every 4-6 hours for pain, but on the advise of your doctor you can go as high as 800 mg (don't go any higher, as it can cause kidney damage). you may ask to take nexium to counter the effects of the NSAIDS on your stomach. i worked for an ob/gyn for years and his patients had great response to this and so did i. i had doubled over, want to vomit, curl up, and scream kind of pain, but if i got a jump on it, it was there, but not unmanageable. i also get pain with ovulation. it always turns into a big cyst that ruptures and bleeds and causes tons of pain and pressure. that has hurt so bad before they thought it was my appendix. i would advise you, since you are trying to get pg, to stay away from the opioids, in case you get pg while on it. it really shouldn't hurt the baby, but you don't want to have that worry or concern on you. however, if you need something stronger, they do have a vicoden ibuprofen combination that is great for endo - vicoprofen. it is more important to take an anti-inflammatory than anything with apap in it because you are battling with inflammation in addition to the pain and the inflammation makes the pain worse, so it has a better effect with the nsaid. or stick with the toradol. that is a pretty strong one that should do you well especially if you follow the pre-pain ibu schedule.

also, i had friends who did lupron for depo and found their fertility increased after they finished the cycle. just a thought.

good luck and keep me informed.