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Hi all,
I know its Christmas Day, but I could use some advice, if any of you all can spare a few moments.
I have been using the Mylan patches because of the cost, and also they are so much smaller than the Duragesic or Sandoz. I am on 75's with 7.5 vicoprofen for needed b/t relief.
Heres my question: As I was applying my patch it fell off onto the floor. When I picked it up, it felt like there was a grain of dirt, ect on it so I scraped it with my fingernail to try to get it off. I did scrape it pretty hard. I can see a small dent where I tried to scrape it off, but I never punctured it through the plastic at all. I am afraid that I may have ruined it. It is my last dose until my next script, and I only have a minimun amount of b/t meds. Maybe Im paranoid, but I dont want to take a chance that I damaged it.
If it were the other brand where I could detect a leak I would toss it immediately, but with these, there is not liquid to be seen, so I dont know if I harmed it. Does anyone have any advice? Thank you so very much~