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Hi Mikes~
I use Fentanyl patch 50 and vicoprofen 7.5 for b/t meds. I had seizures on the Ultram because I had a serious head injury. I had a doc prescribe them to me who didnt know what he was doing. Anyway, I am happier now, I wish I could possibly have a stonger b/t med at times, but I cant complain today. If its the first 12-15 on my patch , i try not to do anything that requires me to drive, ect. but I cannot always prevent that. What I can say, is that what i am on right now gives me one sure day of getting things done for SURE, and the second day I have to use my b/t ,meds. I just have to cope and try to be thankful for ANY times I feel better than normal. I save my b/t meds for the last day of the 48 on the patch, and for any other b/t i have. For instance, I had b/t pain today at about an 7 on the second day of my patch, which is really unusual, and had to take more of my b/t meds. Its hard to juggle, and try to make it all work out. Please dont get disgouraged, we are all fighting tha same battle, at some point~
Hope you get to feeling better and find the answers you are looking for!
Kelsey or anyone:
What strengths does oxycodone come in? I need more help on b/t pain than 7.5 vicoprofen one 3 times a day for b/t. Ive had plain old percocet 5/325, and it did nothing for me, I needed two, as I do with the vicoprofens, and then I run out early.
But my doc wont even change me to Norco 10/325, as my sister suggested. [she works for an ortho surg.]
Just curious, as to what else I could try if he doesnt want to prescribe anything WAY too strong. When I asked about the Norco he said, the vicoprofens you are taking are the same strength as the norco. I knew netter, and it kind of made me angry, and i proceeded to ask why, and he stated" Id really rather not go there, thats something I really dont want to get into prescribing." Other than that, hes been great. Guess that may be my answer. Sorry if I should have started a new thread about this.