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Hi all,
I am basically happy with my PM doc. He has me on Fent 50 patches, and I am lucky to be allowed to change them every 48 hours. The problem is that before we started the patches, I was on vicoprofen 7.5 [hydocodone and ibuprofen] and I was allowed 2 tabs 4 times a day. Which was 56 for a week. So when he started me on the patches he cut down the number to 28.
I wasnt getting the relief that I needed and had bad b/t so he started me on 75's which were WAY too strong.
Now on back on the 50s, but still need at least 6 of the b/t meds a day to function like I need to.
I asked him once about Norco, which someone has suggested which is of course as you know the 10/325 of hydrocodone, and he said he really didnt want to go there.
I havent asked for refills too soon, ect, but Im debating having an appt with him tomorrow to let him know that IM running out of the alotted 28 for a week that he gives me just because Im having to use them for maintaining, not b/t.
Ive been struggling with this ever since going back on the 50's. He has no problem with the patches, he stated once refilling them or dosing higher but he says that the feds watch the number of pills prescribed. I understand that, but why not prescribe what may be needed that may be stronger and not so many.
I know they all are afraid with the laws, ect, but I dont see the thinking behind it. Youd think hed rather prescribe something besides the higher dose of the patches. Arent they way more strong and watched if thats the case? I dont want to be pushy and end up not having anyone. Am I asking for too much? Im NEVER pain free and my meds allow me to function...Do you all think it may be a good idea to let him know what my daily schedule is? He says he doesnt believe in the pain scale. That if someone is in pain they are in pain, and they will tell you what you want to get the relief they need. Hes a very nice man, and usually very open to suggestions. I am a super compliant patient with no contract, ect.
If i had to use the pain scale, Id say I maintain a 5 at best all of the time except when b/t occurs and of course its higher. Im not asking to be completely pain free at all times at all. But that WOULD be great!
Does anyone have any advice? I dont have anyone here in this small town or even close who is helpful, believe me, Im lucky to have him,, and Ive been stretching out the 28 a week, but its just not working. I wont ever get into a postion with him to not be honest, so I want to do the right thing from the start. What do you do if a doc doesnt want to prescribe a higher b/t med?
I dont think that what I have is that high, am I wrong? I can get in to see him tomorrow, and would appreciated ANY input before I go~
Thanks so much for any help:confused:
Went to my appt. and had a great visit with my doc. He is letting me try the Norco, and I got a script for it today. Ill try it when I need it. Im happy it went well, but he did state that in our state they are pretty lenient, and in his home state they used triplicates.
He definatley doesnt want to go to anything stronger for b/t so I need to try to get by with either this or the vicoprofen. Thats fine for now, hopefully this will be bettter soon and then I can start tapering the patches. ect. Thanks for all of your posts, and help~