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Hi everyone...
I have an appt tomorrow with my doc. I am currently on the patch 50's, and he allows me 28 tabs of vicoprofen 7.5 every 6 days.
My problem is that its not enought for the pain. I have to take at least 6 of my b/t meds a DAY, WITH the patch, even on the first day. He does allow me to change them every 48 hours.
I know I posted something like this before, but i have been pushing VERY gently for more b/t relief.
He would probably like me to go up a dose on the patch, even if its to add the 12.5's, but I dont want to do that. If anything, Id like to start tapering after a bit on those, and I dont want to go stronger.
I know after reading tons of your stories here, that most ppl are on a stronger b/t, but it does depend on the doc.
When I approached it last visit, he hem-hawed around the oxycodone, and the Sched. II's. I know for a fact he doesnt want to go there, and i havent asked him why, because Im afraid Ill p*** him off, and Ill have nothing. How can I approach him tomorrow and ask for what I need? He actually wrote my last script for 1 tablet once or twice daily. Hes told me he will allow up to four, but then I need to refill early, and insurance doesnt cover it. Even if he re-writes the script for 4 per day, its still not enough. Im not looking to be pain free, I know thats unreasonable, but a steady 4-5 would be heaven.
I dont tolorate tylenol, and so he said he wished there was a hydocodone that didnt have anything with it. Is there? And does ANYone have any other ideas? Thanks so much for any help. Im tired of being on this roller coaster to where I am using my meds to just get thru the day, and then when I need them for b/t, I have barely any.
Thanks for any help, and thanks for reading my post~