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I am happy to lend any support, advice, or personal experience that can help you or anyone else. Many people on these boards had lent me support & advice when I was in agony and I'm so glad I can do the same in return. Thank you for your kind words.

Of course I'm not a doc either, just described my experience...and seeing you compare yours, it sure does sound alot alike to me! I think you would agree that a gut feeling says you may also have stenosis with claudication. Especially if you feel better bending foward! It's always possible it can recur or occur in other areas of the spine. Plus having laminectomy makes the spine a little less stable, which is why doing lots of ab & core exercises all the time is very important. My surgeon also told me that since I now have parts of bone missing in spine (from surgery), that area is more susceptible to fracture. So I do have to try to be careful about it.

Since you've already had laminectomies and fusion...it's always a chance that it can cause other parts of the spine to become less stable. Have you had a standing Xray recently at all? I have read after surgeries like this, sometimes surrounding structures get less stable or sometimes people even develop spondylolisthesis (slippage of one vertebrae over the other, which is probably more noticeable upon standing).

I know exactly how you feel, though about feeling old. Mine started when I was 32-33. By the time I turned 37, I felt 97. And don't ask me how I functioned or went to work every day in the pain I was in....I guess it was just I had no other choice. I needed income so I had to go. Other than that, I was pretty much housebound, except for going to PT. I could no longer go shopping (only food shopping using a cart)..no more going to movies, no eating out dinner; I couldnt go anywhere that I had to stand up for any lenght of time. And If I couldnt find a parking spot close to a building, I left or I wouldnt make it into the building. It was depressing at times, like when I went to my rheumy appointments. By the time I made it into the building and waiting for the elevator, leaning on the wall all bent over in agony, my face red, breathing hard because my entire body was in spasm....and even elderly folks would ask me if I needed help. How could I let someone elderly who couldnt walk that well themself try to help me walk?? I mean, I really appreciated it, especially the elderly were usually the only ones to offer help..but I just wouldnt feel right about it. It's hard to explain, I hope i'm not coming off the wrong way.

As far as the nerve root block, I've never actually had one of those so I'm sorry I cant speak from experience on that. I guess it's possible it could triggered other pain. Maybe others who've had them done can shed some light for you.

Yes, I had many ups and downs as well. As it progressed, though....it was pretty much pain all the time for me. I guess I should have had it checked into sooner. I have the same thing with my lupus flares...one day I can feel fine, the next every part of my body can feel stiff and painful.

As far as anythign else helping me....moist heating pads seemed to help best for my spasms (but only while the pad was on). I know in some way that physical therapy helped.....it definitely helped that I went for 6 months before surgery to really strengthen everythign ahead of time. Medrol Dose pack (prescription) helped the first 2 days with the higher doses; anything that I could lean on helped; Oh and I even bought one of those plug in mattress lifters (that you stick between your mattresses) to raise my head/upper back area while laying down. sometimes it helped me get out of bed when I couldnt move. It also helped me get out of bed after surgery!.
I also use a dense memory foam mattress pad (which helped a little on some pressure points); plus I sleep using a cervical pillow, even while sleeping on my side. Actually Vicoprofen was the only script that helped me slightly, but I had to stop taking it due to severe widespread bruising. After I stopped that, I was taking nothing anymore...so needless to say, I think I now have a very high pain tolerance (which is not necessarily good). If I can remember anything else I tried, I will definitely let you know!

I wish you well...and if you have any other questions, just ask away!