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Thanks so much for the reply~
Im on fent 50 patch, and have been having crappy luck with them, and needing more b/t meds to help. My b/t meds are get this....vicoprofen hydro 7.5/200. Not anything like oxy. this guy seems to want me to think its in MY best interest that he watch out for me for some reason. I feel like screaming at him.
He said these words..." "i got a call from the doc today, and he said that if you are in another state you can just have the doc call this in." I said, "Oh really!, the pharmacy told me that my doc has to have a DEA liscence in that state.[which he doesnt]." and he said "Ohhhh, i didnt tknow that." What the h*ll does he know then.
The pharmacist at walmart here is like the guy you described. Hes like that to everyone though, Ive been told.
My doc knows that ive had bad luck with the patches, and has been allowing me more meds than 1 7.5 hydro every 6-8 hours, is what he wrote for. Are you kidding? I need 2 every 4-6 if that, and the patch isnt working as well for me. I changed to Sandoz today, maybe that will help. My doc wont do oxy, hes said that, not to me or anyone. hes only got 3 chronic pain pts as well. I feel like i have to educate him half the time. He had me on Norco 10/325 hydro only a few days ago, 1 every 4 hours, then goes to the friggin 7.5 every 6-8, because the tylenol on the norco made me sick. My doc is kind of old as well, and once he told me i could take trazadone with the patch, then 3 days later told me that hed never said that, that hed told me NO. I love my doc, but im in a rut as Im 14 hours round trip to a pain mgmt center. My doc also told me my last visit hed never let me be without my meds, and not to ever worry. Makes me wonder if the pharm even talked to him today since he was flying to the east coast at 7 am for his mothers funeral. I have complied to everything my doc has asked, phys therapy, cat scans, mri's you name it, and i pay 100.00 for every 5 patches. and half the time i have to pay more because they dont stick and the insurance wont cover it. Ive tried the 75's and they were too strong. I know what the monthly allotment is on this med because my ex brother in law is a pharmacy owner and pharmacist. Not in my state, but hes told me what is what.
Thanks for answering, and i cant believe what a jerk that guy was, Kathy Mac. Sorry if this is vauge, Im probably babbling, and just angry, but I feel I have valid points~
[QUOTE=bgsigns;2765709]Izzy's Mom, I had a problem when I first started using the patch as well. I was on a 25mcg Duragisc, and for the life of me I couldn't get it to stay on. I read about the Tegaderm patch covers on these very boards and what a difference they made. I have even been able to go down to the 12.5mcg patch (this is relatively new). My patch is JENSSEN and it's a generic brand. I pay 30 dollars for a months supply. I was also using the JENSSEN brand of 25mcg.

The product is 3M Tegaderm 9505W. There are 20 to a box and will last for a two month supply of patches if you are changing the patch every 3 days. I get mine at my pharmacy, but Wal-mart has them also. If they don't, ask them to order for you. They cost about 15-18 dollars a box of 20. Size is 6 cm X 7 cm. They are perfect. I understand you can also write or call the manufacturer to get some patch covers to help them stay on as well. This was just way easier for me.
Good luck Izzy's mom...I hope things work out for you. I hate that you have to get scripts every week. Unfortunately the person who was a pharm. tech hit the nail on the head. More stringent DEA laws has everyone being much more careful these days, and IMHO your doctor should be prescribing an amount that will get you comfortably through the month, or he could be facing a visit from the DEA as well. Around here they look at that sort of thing, how much is doctor prescribing...etc. :eek:
Thanks for the reply...You know its bad enough to tell him every week that they dont stay on, and rip thru boxes of those, and then need my bt meds ealier than what he writes. Heck yes, it makes me look pretty bad. I think these Sandoz are working better. Way better than the mylans, so ill hope for the best. thank you so very much~ P.S. My doc only has 3 CP patients. He did state that if we had to go to anything stronger than the vicoprofen that wed have to go under contract, and he doesnt want to do that. He has no problem throwing the patches at me every week, but the vicoprofens, hes all tight with. I dont understand. As far as I know, he doesnt prescribe oxy to anyone~ Len, thanks so much for the support!~