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ok, for instance i was getting from a well known chain 28 tabs of vicoprofen 7.5/200 which is 7.5 hydro/200 ibu...for 50 bucks.
Every 10 days i would pay with insurance for generic that price.
Then for the comound i went to a smaller pharmacy that doesnt do insurance though, and I am paying NOW for 100 tabs 52.00.
Also these 100 tabs are STRAIGHT hydro 15 mg like i was taking the two 7.5 which equals 15 mg, you follow me? but now with NO ibu, and they are long lasting.
SO I am only taking 3 of these tabs a day, when before i was taking 6 of the meds with the ibu from the big pharmacy.
ppl dont want you to know about compounding ive found because the big drug chains dont make money. Go figure..
So 90 tabs of this pure hydro will last me a month...3 of the 3x a day...
I may have confused you, but im telling you even with my insurance i was paying those losers so MUCH!
also i dont have to deal with the freaking pharmacy ppl. they send it to my home UPS overnite free.
Ask me if I can help more...
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