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I've been having (what I'm pretty sure is) sciatica of my left leg for 3 weeks now. The pain is so shocking and burning and it's pretty much constant and travels down into my ankle. I've also had muscle twitching all along the entire path of the pain, i've had almost my entire foot go numb, pins & needles in my calf and down into my toes. I've also had some pins & needles in my rear. Of course it hurts while sitting and I have to walk with my leg bent a little at the knee because any straightening of my leg causes intense pain. I cannot even lay down at night in any position and have been lucky to get about 2 hours total sleep per night. I had a script for percocet, which deadens the pill a wee bit. I just told my doc that I cant go on like this without getting sleep as it's really wearing me down. He gave me a different script for Vicoprofen (vicoden with ibuprofen) and he also gives me injections of an anaesthetic into my rear. These injections do absolutely nothing for my nerve pain and I told him that. And even the painkillers arent enough to keep the pain away while trying to sleep. Is there anything else out there that may help more with this nerve pain?