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HI Pepper,

Again, I'm so sorry you're having to deal with all this. I do know that it's very physically and mentally draining but you do seem to have the type of spirit that can hang in there and get through it! You do have alot of support from your family as well as here and just venting it all out, even to strangers (sometimes it seems that is works even better), does seem to ease the challenges you deal with. If I remember correctly, I think you said you now have a disc herniation causing the new pain. So I will keep the glass half-full for you in saying: I know that it's possible for those discs to resolve on their own in time, (I am keeping this in my own mind now as I'm going through something similiar and just hoping that it'll go away) so I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that it will resolve for you, especially since you cant get those epidural injections.

I know painkillers aren't the best thing to have to take, have you ever tried Vicoprofen? It's vicodin (hydrocodone) combined with ibuprofen (instead of tylenol). The thought behind it is since the ibuprofen helps with pain as well as inflammation (the disc herniation can cause inflammation in there) and the med in this combo form may help the pain a litte more than just straight pain killers. I tried this when I had my stenosis & previous herniations (and it was the only med that helped me a wee little bit). I am now taking it again and after taking it a while, it seems to take the edge off a wee bit again (Although...i just recently realized this is the same med my doc had to stop before because I was bruising way to easily)
Baybreeze - I don't think they would let me take the Vicoprofen on account I am still fusing. I had never heard of it but it sounds like a good combination.

Clover don't ever apologize for hijacking my post buddy!! It doesn't bother me.