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Of course I'm not a doctor, but have suffered through alot of spine problems and pain. So I've had several docs & my spine surgeon & PT explain things to me, asked alot of questions on here and educated myself. From what I know, it sounds as if you might have sciatica. Especially b/c you mention shooting pains all the way down to your ankle plus weakness. I have had sciatica a couple times and yours is a typical description of it. I describe it as an electrical shock feeling or like someone is zapping you with a stun gun - sharp and shooting. its like a severe toothache going down your leg. It can also cuase numbness, weakness, pins & needles anywhere along the path you feel the pain. My recent bout of sciatica was in my left leg from a spot in my low back near my rear, went down the back/side of my thigh, down the outside of my calf, outer ankle and my toes. My entire outer foot & toes were numb. I had twitching all along that path. Then sometimes the numbness would leave my ankle & i would have severe sharp pains in there, like someone was shooting nails into the area. So I don't know, but if any of this sounds familiar to you...I am thinking sciatica maybe coming from the L4 or L5 level.

Also, depending on what level(s) of the spine the sciatica nerve compression is coming from, it can also radiate to your rear end, into your hips, fronts of legs, etc....You can also get muscle spasms in the muscles around the affected area in the spine. And muslce spasms usually happen as a protective mechanism. So if something is awry in there, it can cause the surrounding muscles to tighten & spasm.

Of course there are different things that can cause sciatica (which is compression of the large sciatic nerve). Different types of stenosis, cysts, scar tissue is big one (which I have), piriformis syndrome, disc herniations, and other things. So the trick is trying to find the cause of the pain.

I think you probably should get a second opinion. If you had a fusion, Im not sure if you can still get MRI's. BUt Im sure there must be some other test you can get to examine you more thoroughly. I had an MRI plus and MRI with contrast..and the contrast is what picked up all my scar tissue. There are others on here that know all about different kinds of nerve tests & Im sure someone can tell you more about those.

As for pain, right now I take nothing. I had surgery for my stenosis and last month had a nerve block done for my last bout of sciatica. Luckily it's helped me so far. But I still have alot of arthritic pain, nothing over the counter helps it. And my rheumy hasnt given me anything anymore for my arthritis.
(I should mention when my sciatica started and the pain was unbearable, my rheumy did give me percocet first, then vicoprofen....the perc did nothing, maybe the vicoprofen helped slightly over a couple weeks; however, the pain might have just subsided on it's own anyway). I am reading recently many people seem to get some pain relief from higher doses of Elavil or various kinds of nerve meds.