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Hi, I had lumbar stenosis and also had a few bouts of sciatica. My worst sciatica happened 6 months after surgery (caused by herniations and scar tissue from surgery) and the pain was unbearable & I couldnt even sleep.

When I had the stenosis I also had some disc herniations causing some nerve pain. I had a series of epidurals which did seem to help the nerve pain. HOwever, it did not help my neurogenic claudication or spasm pain. The only med that took the edge off slightly was Vicoprofen (viocdin with ibuprofen instead of Tylenol). Not even muscle relaxers helped my spasms, though. Moist heating pads were the only thing that helped soothe my spasms somewhat while the pads were on. After a while, though, I developed severe extensive bruising all over and so I stopped taking the Vicoprofen. So from then for 4 months (until I was due to have surgery) I had nothing for pain, but I didn't even ask any docs for anything because nothing was really helping, plus I had to still be able to function somehow at work every day.

Now with my last bout of sciatica after surgery, it went from my rear down to my outer foot and toes, from my ankle, outer foot and toes were completely numb for about 5 or 6 weeks. The pain was constant and excruciating. I tried Percocet, which did absolutely nothing, then tried Vicoprofen again. This time I'm not sure if the Vicoprofen helped a little after a few weeks of taking it, or if the pain lessened a tad just on it's own over time. I did get bruising again, though not as bad as the first time. I personally have never been offered any kind of nerve medications, so can't speak to those.

My thing is, though, that everyone reacts differently to meds and you have no way of knowiing if it will help or not without trying it, so I'm sorry your doctors aren't even trying to help you find relief in the mean time.

Have you ever seen a Pain Management doctor? If not, that is what I would suggest....