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Thats EXACTLY why I went to the compounding pharmacy, Mind...Ecellent post.
Even though this is a small town and I know all of them, its NOT their business to question the doc. One time there was a new one who did that to me, and I had permission to get my meds filled early to go out of town, and my doc chewed her out, come to find out she had come from a big city, and had dealt with tons of abuse. Shes actually really nice now, and friendly. Then one other time there was an incident where the pharmacist [who goes to my church, and lives down the road from me] YELLED out in front of a ton of ppl "WE'VE GOT TO GET YOU OFF OF THIS STUFF!!!'
I was mortified and mad as heck, and he doesnt work there anymore. I complained to the manager. Come to find out he was yelling out to ppl about their meds, and the same thing was happening to others.
The pharmacy manager one day told me he wouldnt fill my vicoprofen 15 tabs, because it was too early 2 days and he was concerned about the number of pills I had been taking lately and cazlled my doc, and I had to wait to go out of town. THAT really made me angry...
When I complained to my doc, he stated that the pharmacists watch the docs rears. He also made the comment that the DEA doesnt watch the generic meds as much as the brand. Meaning the compounding issue is better for me because I can get my meds earlier and dont have to deal with any crap. My compounding lady hasnt EVER once questioned any script, ever.