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Hi Cheryl, I'm so sorry this is happening to you and that pain is just soo horrific. It really does feel like you're being electrocuted, many of us have experienced that as well.

This past March I had a similar issue, except I know I had something slowly developing b/c I had this intense achy pain in my sacral area radiating out; the pain felt like I would image being kicked in the rear by a horse or something. It felt very bruised, but I came on slowly over 2 wks. Then one night I was awoken by one of the most horrible, intense, sickening, shocking pain I ever had. I was laying on my left side, awoke with this deep burning electric pain from my rear and went in a line down the side/back of my thigh, my outer calf and into my ankle and outer toes. The entire length of it was even twitching, you could actually see it. And the pain again was unbearable. I went to get up & almost fell b/c I realized I had no feeling in my lower leg or foot. I could not feel where I was stepping. And from there the pain even worsened. It turned out I could not sit, not stand, and not even lay down at all. It did not matter what position I was in, the pain never relented. It was like I had been sliced open from rear to toe and alcohol or acid was being poured in there while being shocked. So I really know exacty what you are feeling & going through. I coudl not sleep for several weeks, maybe a total of 2 hrs a day added up. Finally the only thing that helped somewhat was to stand and keep my left knee bent. And that's how I had to walk, very awkwardly w/ my left knee bent, it still hurt like hell, but it was slightly better.

Mine was not caused by what you have, though. I had 2 large disc herniations and 2 bulges, plus I had alot of scar tissue in there that was pressing into my nerves. And there was either a piece of disc or scar tissue lodged in my left lateral recess at L5..which was thought to be causing most of my pain & symptoms. It took 2 months, though slowly over time the pain lessened some, for me to get nerve block done at L5. I was soo lucky that the block really helped me with that particular pain. I have other issues, but that was awful because, as you know, you cannot even sleep or function. Shortly after it happened, I got sick right away too....all that stress tears apart your immune system.

I soo wish I could give you some suggestion to make it feel better, but I honestly don't know what. I had sooo many different pillows propped in different ways, tried sleeping on the floor with my legs propped up on my couch, tried sleeping at the kitchen table; had an inflatable mattress lifter (from surgery), raised the head of my bed & that didnt help; did all the heat & ice, tons of ibuprofen, got either percocet or vicoprofen. I even contemplated piling heaps of pillows around me in a closet & tryign to sleep standing up with my left leg propped up LOL. I tried using a donut to sit on, and even that made my sciatic nerve kill.

I think what you really need to do is to be evaluated by a spine specialist (either a neuro or ortho that only does spine). I think, but don't quote me on this, that you have spondylothesis? I have no experience with this, so I'm not sure what medically can be done, but you need to find out from a specialist and probably also have an MRI done as soon as you can. And you have to tell them how horrific the pain is & how badly it's affecting you