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Lizzybrog80, I just have a couple of questions. You mentioned that you were on long acting meds, maybe they need to be increased, or add an extra dose. Also, you said you are taking roxicodone, and is that what is not working for you anymore? I take oxycontin 40 mg every 12 hours, and I take vicoprofen 4 tabs for breakthrough pain as needed. I wish I could help you more about the oxycodone and if there is a max dose, but I am not sure. I am curious through, because I am worried that vicoprofen is not enough for my breakthrough pain. My doctor likes me taking the ibuprofen. If you do not mind, can you write me back about your medicine experience with LA and breakthrough meds? I am taking them for chronic pain in my jaw, and throughout my body. I would appreciate any help and information you can give me. Thank you so much. Kass