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Hi to everyone!
For those of you that have followed my saga, my doc moved 4 hrs away from me after 3 yrs of PM control, and he is just a GP.
I dreaded driving the tretcherous winter passes, but it all paid off last week and the weather was perfect.
I got there at noon, and was out by 12:30. I was worried that I may have to travel every month to see him...[IM currently on the patch 25, 15 mg LA hydro compounded 4Xday.]
Due to the 25's being recalled, he wrote for me 3 boxes of the 12's, 240 a month of vicoprofen for b/t meds and still 120 montly of my 15 mg LA hydro.
I got 3 refills on my vics, and he is sending me my other written scripts to get filled as I need. Also I will travel to see him maybe every 3 months. He still has a home here, and will be coming here as well on weekends until summer.
I knew he wouldnt leave me hanging, but I was scared being so far away, and it worked out perfectly. I lost some sleep worrying about it and now its like heaven.
Im so very fortunate. And to all of you who gave me hope and helped me out, I want to say thank you. I love my doc to peices, and hope that each and every one of you could only get a piece of what care I get from my dear doc.
I didnt even know about the 25's being recalled...he called me the day before and told me. I had 2 more patches to go. I hope others didnt get thrown into a bind by it. Going to the 12's has been no problem whatsoever for me as well.
Just an update to all...muah~